Privacy on Demand® 

Smart Cling® Self Adhesive

99% Harmful UV rays blocked


White, Grey, Black

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28/48/60vac, 110/120vac, 220/240vac.

Switchable Film® – Electric PDLC Switchable Film

Before we get into the technical jargon, like what even is PDLC, allow me to ask you a question. Recently, how many times have you heard the term Smart Tint®? Or Smart Film®? Or switchable privacy film? I am going to go out on a limb here and assume you haven’t. If you have, you’re already aware of our industry-leading switchable privacy film installed on any glass surface using our Smart Cling® peel-n-stick technology. What is the driving force behind our switchable smart film? PDLC! Let’s dive into the world of Switchable Film® together!

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What Is PDLC Switchable Film®?

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film (PDLC) is the new and improved coating for all your glass doors and windows. This technology is unquestionably the future. PDLC technology meets Switchable Film to create modern-day magic. Today, it is used interchangeably as Smart Film®, Smart Tint®, Privacy Film, or even Privacy Glass in our day-to-day conversations.

What does PDLC Switchable Film do?

Powers ON Clear Powers OFF Private

Previously, thin-film coatings were used on surfaces like optics, conductors, electronics, and even packaging to protect against fingerprints, scratches, and corrosion. Today, PDLC Film is the hands-on technology that makes Smart Tint® a reality. It allows you have complete Privacy On Demand® on any glass surface. It gives you control by enabling the glass to switch from clear to frosted opaque with a flip of a switch, dimmable with a dial, or just a tap of a phone screen! Allowing you to keep the aesthetic and the abundance of sunlight that glass doors and windows allow while also safeguarding your privacy and safety if need be, all at the switch of a button.

With the increased use of sliding doors, plane glass architecture, and the need for privacy in medical institutions and offices, Smart Tint®

Switchable Film® is a must-have for your offices and homes. The increased use of PDLC Film brings the future right to your bedroom and inches away from your fingertips. The sleek holy grail of modern-day homes and architecture.

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